Trying My Hand

Originally Posted 11/14/2009

I’ve been pondering the idea of trying something semi-useful in SL.  My building skills are miniscule at best (I have spatial recognition problems).  At most, I can make a few simple structures and texturize them. 

While in the past I did make clothes and furniture for The Sims (the original version), I’ve found creating clothing for SL is MUCH more complicated.  I remember my frustration with creating a simple rug in TS. It took HOURS, so I’m not going the clothing route.

Skins..same story.

What I finally settled upon was giving myself a challenge. Any time I see a nice free skin offered on SL, I’ll go snap it up and set to building a shape from scratch that would go with said skin. In lieu of any interesting new freebies, I might dive into my inventory and create a shape do go with it.

Let’s be honest. We all see noobs and not-so-noobs running around in ghastly shapes and even ghastlier skins..mainly because many of them can’t or don’t want to spend Lindens on their appearance.  If this project of mine is successful, I would like to start offering the shapes for free or as a dollarbie.  Shape-making does require some time and concentration, but I’m not doing this to feed my Linden balance.   I’d especially like to get into shape-making for guys as I am tired of seeing men with pinheads and immense biceps.  Who decided THAT was attractive?

My intention is to also offer MOD rights on these shapes, as a no mod shape is about as stupid as no mod hair (or sionChickens). 

(Tangent ahead:  Those things look like chickens like McNuggets taste like chicken.  Have I ever mentioned I HATE McDonald’s?  Do they actually use food in their “food”?)

Anyway, there’s a new freebie skin called Angie out at Aimesi, so this one is my first project.  I’m still tinkering with it and need in-world opinions, but I thought I’d post it here for feedback. 

I DID build this one from scratch, although it seems to be morphing into something similar to the shape I use for my own avatar.  LOL  I’ll have to find a way to branch out and vary my aesthetics somewhat. I definitely want to try some larger shapes for those who like rounder figures. This shape is 5’11” and is fairly realistic. She’s not a Glamazon nor a beanpole. 


Like I said, she still needs some tweaking.  I’ve already made some changes since taking these pictures (the arms have been made a bit more slender for one thing).


I was aiming for a more mature, cosmopolitan look to this shape. I know collagen-injected lips are all the fad in SL, but I prefer a more natural shape instead of the “HEY! She’s been to the plastic surgeon!” look.  Call me an elitist prick. I’m used to it. *smirks*


Yes, those are Christmas lights hanging off my deck. -.-  Normally I am a stern advocate of waiting until after Thanksgiving for such things, but I live in the tropics and can wear bikinis in SL so I broke my own rule. If I lived in Costa Rica in RL, I’d be looking forward to the holidays.

F**k snow.

*sings “I’m dreaming of a white (sand) Christmas”*

Tangent ahead:  Who exactly decided that Christmas had to be white?  It didn’t snow in Bethlehem for Pete’s sake. It was the DESERT.  I find myself wanting to slap people who run around blathering that it’s just not Christmas without snow.

Um…back in 2004, what would have been my LAST Christmas with my mother, it snowed alright. I was stuck in my house for days and she in hers.   She died the following March.  So I don’t want to hear about the necessity for snow. kthanxbai

White Christmas my ass.  I’ll take Jamaica or Bora Bora or Tahiti any day.

**returns from tangent**


I have no idea why the boat dock ate my foot. I thought docks were vegans.  Or maybe it’s the tree’s way of getting revenge for being cut down.

My video card was making the lighting get wonky on me, so the pics aren’t as good as I would have liked. *sigh*

Any thoughts on this little project of mine? Should I go for it in the quest to assist the hapless noob?

❤ Lysi

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