Now That I Have Your Attention

Originally Posted TODAY (gotcha!)

I’ve got a handful of pretty photos I’ve taken since 2015 that I thought I would share. There’s no cohesive theme or SLURLs or LOTD (choose your favorite SL buzzwords or acronyms here). They just demonstrate how my SLife has looked since the last time I blogged.

In 2018 and early 2019 I rented a lovely skydome with a ridiculous LI allowance (close to 1000 prims). I don’t think I ever got near that. While I live in Linden Homes most of the time, I occasionally get an urge live in a more private location and with a hella lot more prims.


This treehouse is by Dust Bunny. It was a rare gacha item, but I just bought the darn thing on Marketplace because it was cheaper that way. My avatar in the bottom right corner looks like a freaking real estate agent, “Here you will see our totally unopen concept plan. It’s the next big thing in home design.”


I love some flowers and pathways.


I also love flowing water in SL.


Like every obsessive reader, I had to have my own reading nook.


Sometimes I include Jian pets in my SL world who represent my real life Insane Pet Posse.


Pasta anyone? 😉


SL food has come a long way, baby. So have snarktastic signs.


I can’t even with this tiny kitchen, but what can one do in a treehouse?


I was sad to leave it, but time lags onward in SL.

After that disaster of a shape-making experience I posted back in 2009, I’m surprised I tried again, but this time I think I did pretty darn good.


I got it into my head that I should create a Daenerys Targaryen-inspired look. The head is Genus Baby Face, and I’ll have to log back into SL to look up the skin creator and other credits. Maybe she looks better than my regular Lysi self.

And here I present my Halloween 2019 ensemble or one of them. I actually had more, but I didn’t get photos of them. The Banshee is a trip, so I’ll try to post her later. I’m always a clown, but I took it a little far this time.


Style credits? Um, the clothes are from !gO! and are from a gacha. The hair is by Analog Dog. Rings are by Real Evil Industries. Makeup is by Frick. The random Halloween decor is mostly freebies.

The last two photos are of my 2019 Linden Home in Bellisseria taken last Spring. I wanted my SL home to look like Mackinac Island, Michigan, my favorite place on earth. If my earthly soul has a home, this island is it.

New House_002
New House_001

Now that I’ve got the place all dolled up for Christmas, there will be new photos soon.

❤ Lysi

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